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  • I didn't receive login credentials. What should I do?

    Just send a message to us through this form and we will resend the credentials to you asap. Make sure to give us your name and email address used to sign up.

  • When will the coaching calls take place?

    The coaching times are posted in your backend as they become available under the tab "Coaching". Keep in mind this is an ongoing process and coaching call will be taking place over 10 months, once a month.

  • Why do some of the workbooks not have any exercises?

    Whenever a guest contributed an exercise, we included it in the workbook. Not all guests did however. In those cases we highlighted and formatted the workbook to emphasize parts of the interview that were important to pay attention to.

  • Where is the link to login?

  • I need to change my shipping address, how can I do that?

    Please send us a message using this form with all your details, including name and email used to purchase, and we will change the shipping address and send you confirmation once completed.

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